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Vermont pasture-raised meats and eggs. USDA poultry processing services.

Healthy Land, Animals, Plants & People

Since 1999 we have been committed to raising the highest quality meats and eggs. All our animals are afforded the opportunity to express their essential nature. Pigs root and wallow, chickens scratch and peck, and cows munch fresh grass daily. In turn, these pastured animals build our soil and add fertility to provide us clean food.

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Excellent products, people, and animals! Highly recommend this farm - support local food
Jordan P.
Well raised poultry and other meats. Treated with kindness in low stress environment.
Marie T.
Great beef great price for grass fed beef
Lily D
Wow! We hit the jackpot with this pig. My kids have grown up strong on the bounty of your farm. Thanks for being awesome.
The Meyer family