MWF-vegetable-pageCertified Organic Vegetables from Maple Wind Farm

Certified Organic through NOFA-VT

Maple Wind Farm began growing vegetables using organic practices in 2002 with a 1.5 acre market garden, a 30-member CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and a nice site with flat, tillable, river bottom sandy loam. Since then, we have become certified organic by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of Vermont (NOFA-VT), increased the size of our operation to 10 acres under production in 2013, and included our own propagation greenhouse and an unheated high tunnel for winter production and season extension. Our production farm is on a parcel of land in Bolton next to the Winooski River, on which we have a long term lease with the State of Vermont. We graze our cattle and pasture-raised poultry nearby to give fertility to the rotated fields that the crops will rotate to in future years.

Increased Production- Direct & Wholesale

This expansion has come with big commitments to infrastructure investments, hiring a full time year round vegetable manager, Tucker Andrews, and a separate crew based at our fields. The increase in acreage under production reflects our desire to sell more to the wholesale market than direct. Maple Wind Farm brings the highest quality vegetables to farmers’ market for our customers, but the majority of crops are for distribution to a wider customer base.

MWF-vegetable-page-2Greens, Specialty Peppers & Root Crops

We grow about 35 varieties of crops from head lettuce, radishes, specialty peppers, kale and chard with the bulk of our crops focused on roots for winter storage. It is our plan to specialize in fewer crops to develop efficiencies.

Meet our Vegetable Manager- Tucker Andrews

Tucker Andrews (pictured) grew up in West Bolton, Vermont and has been involved with agriculture since 2002, when he began working at a sheep and vegetable farm in central Pennsylvania. While earning a Bachelor’s degree from Bard College he worked seasonally at Goose Creek Farm in St. George, Vermont. After leaving Goose Creek, he owned a small vegetable farm, before taking a job as the farm manager at the Vermont Youth Corps in Richmond for two years.  A short jump over the Winooski found him growing vegetables at Maple Wind Farm. Tucker is motivated by the idea that better systems of food production, distribution, and education can make fresher and healthier food available to all consumers regardless of their income.

Suppliers for Deep Root Coop, the Intervale Food Hub & Area Food Outlets

Maple Wind Farm is currently a producer for the Deep Root Organic Cooperative, a supplier for the Intervale Food Hub CSA, in addition to wholesaling to area restaurants, schools and food co-ops.