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Pasture-Raised Turkey – Taste the Difference!

At Maple Wind Farm, we employ the same methods to raise our turkeys as we do for our broiler chickens–fresh grass and green mountain air.  As a result, we produce tasty birds that are as healthy as they are good! Maple Wind Farm certified organic turkeys average about 15-17 lbs. and are available whole, fresh and frozen for Thanksgiving or frozen for Christmas.

Details on Your Turkey

Maple Wind Farm turkeys are processed at our Andrews Farm site in Richmond, VT, in a state-of-the-art USDA-inspected facility. All birds are packaged in cryovac bags. Turkeys can be ordered online or by sending in a deposit of $25 by check to our farm. Quantities are limited so get your order in early! We do not guarantee exact sizes. Our pick-up locations the weekend prior to Thanksgiving are: at the Saturday Burlington winter farmers’ market; or Sunday at our farm in Richmond, Vermont. Contact us for other sites. You can also order direct from our partner stores in Burlington (City Market and Healthy Living - prices may vary).

PLEASE NOTE: When picking up directly from us, you'll pay the balance due on the turkey you choose, less the $25 deposit paid. Please be flexible on your size, thank you!  Not 100% of the turkeys will be available fresh due to production. We will offer a selection of frozen turkeys to meet more precise size requirements.

What’s the Difference between Maple Wind Farm Turkey & Conventional Turkey?

Maple Wind Poultry

Conventional Poultry

No vaccinations Vaccinations (immuno-depressant)
Pasture based natural foods No pasture
Farm-produced natural and organic feeds Grain produced with chemical assistance
Compost and natural soil amendments Chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides
Moved daily to fresh pasture Confined in grassless coop yard
High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, CLAs Low concentrations of Omega-3s
Local transportation — produced, processed and sold locally Long distance transport — 1000 miles for average turkey in the U.S.