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Thanksgiving Turkeys for 2020- SOLD OUT

Taste the pasture raised difference!

Direct sales of Turkey orders for Thanksgiving are now closed.

Watch the video below to see what makes a pasture raised turkey so special!


We are offering Broad-Breasted White Turkeys that are raised on pasture and fed non-GMO grain.  These turkeys are excellent foragers gleaning up to 30% of their diet from pasture.  The result is a delicious, nutrient-dense with complex flavors.  Known for having a generous amount of white breast meat, this turkey will make an excellent centerpiece for your Thanksgiving meal.  The turkeys are generally 12–20+ pounds and the cost is $5.65  per pound. Our Turkeys will be sold FROZEN and will require defrosting.


Why are our turkeys sold frozen?
  We raised them during the season in several batches so that we can get a range of sizes to offer you and to spread out the processing days.  

Isn't a fresh turkey better? You may be thinking, the supermarket offers fresh turkeys... The majority of the turkey raised for Thanksgiving are routinely kept slightly frozen, in what is called a ‘soft freeze’ at 28 degrees for up to 6 months and then sells them as “fresh” in the market. These so-called fresh turkeys have been sitting around for many, many days.

Our frozen turkeys are fresher turkeys!

Does pasture diet effect the flavor of the meat?  Yes. 

Our turkeys are raised on pasture and receive fresh air, freedom to roam and forage, and lots of sunshine. They do have a shelter for inclement weather but they spend a great deal of time out in the open grassy areas.  This structure gets moved EVERY DAY! They consume large amounts of green, lush pasture and forage every day along with supplemental non-GMO grains. All of this combines to make a bird with very flavorful and healthy meat.

Do your turkeys receive any antibiotics or hormones? No.  Never.

How are your turkey’s processed? We do all of our own processing on our farm in our own USDA facility in the most humane way possible. By purchasing our pastured turkey, raised in the best conditions and stabilized in the freezer until Thanksgiving, you can be assured that your bird was cared for and raised in a natural environment, and now it will grace your families table! 

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