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Chicken Backs, Small Bag

Avg 6 lb perfect for home use

Chicken Ground

Dark & Light meat- very versatile

Pitchfork- Garlic Dill Pickle Coins

16 oz- How can you go wrong?

Ground Beef Bundle!

10lb of Ground Beef

Pitchfork- Firecracker Hot Sauce

16 oz- A pantry must! Medium spice

Chicken Feet

2-3 lb package

Pork Roast Bone In Ham

Fresh - NOT Smoked

Beef Ribeye Steak (bone in)

1 per pkg - avg 1 lb

Beef Bones

Mix of knuckle and marrow

Simmering Bone - Bone Broth

Frozen- Pint- using MWF chicken!

Chicken Wings Big Bag

5 lb - Party size

Chicken Drumsticks

4 drums per pack!

Pork Leaf Lard

Avg 1lb and 3lb Leaf Lard.
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