Turkey Deposit - Boneless Breast - 4-6 lb

Turkey Deposit - Boneless Breast - 4-6 lb

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IMPORTANT: We will have two pickup locations for turkeys, these are the only two options for getting your turkey. The Burlington pickup will be on Saturday November 20th from 11-2. The Richmond pickup will be at the farm on Sunday November 21st from 10-2. Please put either Richmond or Burlington in the comments section when you place your deposit order.

Pasture-raised and free-range whole turkey breasts(Standard White Turkey). Ethically raised on pasture on our Vermont farm, without the use of synthetic chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or GMOs. These turkeys are excellent foragers, and therefore the pasture-based diet really influences the flavor and quality of the meat.

The price per pound is $13.75, and depending on size of bird your order will come with 1 or 2 breasts. Due to the nature of farming; supply, availability, or other uncontrollable factors may result in the parts you receive to be outside of the selected range.

Our turkey's are frozen and will require defrosting.

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