Farm Bucks Summer Season - $880 value

Farm Bucks Summer Season - $880 value

Get 10% free spending on US!

If you’re the ultimate Maple Wind Farm fan, these Farm Bucks are for you. Our biggest offer gives the most flexibility to choose the pasture-raised beef, pork, and poultry that you’re craving! 

When you pay $800 we’ll treat you to an extra $80 for FREE. That gives you $880 to spend between May 1st and November 1st (about $147 per month over seven months). 

These Farm Bucks are a good fit for you if: 

You’re feeding a large household
You have a family of meat-lovers, athletes, or a bunch of growing kids that need a high-protein diet
You want to stock your freezer with pasture-raised meat to enjoy into the winter 
You order home delivery anywhere in New England and need to cover the cost of minimal orders and shipping 
You can give the most to our family farm in a time of financial need

Your generous purchase makes a big impact on our farm. When you buy Farm Bucks, your dollars help cover the costs of labor, grain, and other materials that keep our farm running.  Thank you SO much for your help!

A $880 credit will be added to your online account once your purchase is processed. Your Farm Bucks can be used like a gift card to shop for whatever you want online (based on available inventory). This includes pre-orders for farmer’s markets, tickets to our fried chicken dinners, and home deliveries! Your purchase will be deducted from your total balance when you checkout.

Sorry, Farm Bucks cannot be used for custom-cut beef or pork (halves or whole) or Thanksgiving turkeys. They’re also not compatible with our farmer’s market walk-up payment system, so be sure to place your market order ahead of time online.

We appreciate your support of Maple Wind Farm!

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