Simmering Bone - Bone Broth

Simmering Bone - Bone Broth

Frozen- Pint- using MWF chicken!

Light, flavorful and comforting, this fabulous sipping broth has endless potential for utilization – soups, stews, sauces, gravies, risotto…

The Simmering Bone's focus on extracting as much healing collagen as possible is what sets us apart. When cold, our broth is the consistency of jell-o, a key indicator of an abundance of collagen.

Don't worry, that jiggly mass heats to a delicious, soul-warming liquid and is meant to be sipped just like coffee or tea.

The Simmering Bone seeks to provide access to healthy, nourishing food that supports optimal growth, development and general health. The concept is a broth-based company utilizing bones from grass-grazed Vermont animals that live as close to the way nature intended.

Based in Montpelier, VT. They also make beef, veal, pork, and lamb broth.

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