Bundle - Best of Farm

Bundle - Best of Farm

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There's simply no better way to enjoy what Maple Wind Farm has to offer than by ordering our Best of Farm Bundle. It features many customer favorites like our no nitrate bacon, grass fed ground beef, pork chops, chicken thighs and more! Give yourself the opportunity to taste the difference of pasture raised meats!


2 lb 100% grass fed lean ground beef

1 lb Maple Ginger sausage (made in house)

2 lb No nitrate bacon (1 sliced, 1 ends/tips)

2 pkg Boneless pork chops (2 per pkg)

1 pkg Pork Blade Steak

1 pkg Bone-in Breast Roast 

1 pkg Chicken thighs (4 per pkg)

2 pkg Chicken drumsticks (4 per pkg)

    Approx total - 14 lb

    Occasionally, the items listed may be affected by inventory or seasonality, in which case we reserve the right to substitute something delicious.

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