Rabbit - Midnight Goat Farm

Rabbit - Midnight Goat Farm

Whole avg 3lb
$10.50/lb. Avg. 3lb .
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Raised in Huntington.

Our white New Zealand breed rabbits are pastured and fed a vegetarian diet. You can enjoy rabbit any time of year.  The meat is light, tender, lean and finely textured, and works well with many recipes. A staple of Italian and French kitchens, rabbit meat is a rarer pleasure in the U.S. Young rabbit is tender and mild, perfect for roasting or frying.  Our Rabbits lead a stress free life.

  • Humanely raised
    No antibiotics, no hormones
    No preservatives or additives
    Low in calories and cholesterol
    High in protein and nutrition 
    Sold whole and uncooked 
    One whole rabbit serves 4

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