Natural Deodorant Bar (PAT) - Fat Chance Farm

Natural Deodorant Bar (PAT) - Fat Chance Farm

Patchouli Scent
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Skip the plastic and the chemicals and try out an all natural deodorant bar!  Grass-fed tallow and candelilla wax give this deodorant firmness in warm temperatures, while organic coconut oil and magnesium hydroxide hinder the growth of stinky bacteria.  Arrowroot powder helps the bar feel less greasy.

About Candelilla Wax: Candelilla wax is extracted from a shrub that grows in the desert regions of the US and Mexico. It has a higher melting point than beeswax and makes the bar feel silky and smooth, rather than the slight stickiness of beeswax. Thus the deodorant can now tolerate much higher summer temperatures, goes on smoother and gets on your hands much less!

About Magnesium Hydroxide: This is the same mineral found in milk of magnesia.  In a handmade deodorant it plays the same role as baking soda often does but with less irritation to the skin.  Mildly alkaline, it creates a less friendly environment for bacteria in your armpits.  The type I use in this deodorant is manufactured for use as a dietary supplement.

Made by our friend Diane Ashworth at Fat Chance Farm! Diane uses leaf lard and suet from Maple Wind Farm to make many of her products.


Grass-fed tallow, organic extra virgin coconut oil, arrowroot powder, magnesium hydroxide powder, candelilla wax, essential oils

with customization by Grapevine Local Food Marketing