Maple Vinegar - Brigham Hill Maple

Maple Vinegar - Brigham Hill Maple

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Fermented maple vinegar made by our friends and local maple producers over at Brigham Hill Maple! Here is what they have to say about this product:

We try to use every last drop of syrup we make, so we started naturally fermenting any leftover syrup into maple vinegar. Similar to apple cider vinegar in taste, you will love its strong earthy flavor, which has the same health benefits as any other raw, unfiltered vinegar. Use in salad dressing, pour directly onto vegetables, or try it on hand-cut french fries (our favorite!).

Brigham Hill Maple is a small (3,000 tap) sugaring operation located in Essex. The owner of the farm, Al Bushey, has been sugaring on Brigham Hill for over 20 years and taps some of the same trees that his great Uncle did decades prior. Al and his wife Kaitlyn make all of the syrup and maple products that are sold primarily at the Burlington Farmer's Market and on their website,

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