Pork - Deposit - Half Pig

Pork - Deposit - Half Pig

Approx 75-85 lb @ $8.45/lb
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Put down a deposit to hold a half pig to keep you stocked for the winter months! 

Save $$ with a price of $8.45/lb on final weight that you receive.

Fill your freezer with delicious GMO-free pasture raised pork. You get the equivalent of all the cuts that would come from head to tail of one of our heritage breed pigs. Its a great way to get creative and try new things!

After paying a deposit, we will get you on our exclusive list. Shortly after, you will get a list of our cutting options done by our expert meat cutting staff.

Meat comes frozen and vacuum packed.

If you chose to get no nitrate Bacon we charge a smoking fee of $4.50/lb. on the belly portion. The bacon gets made at another facility.

If you choose to get sausage made (min of 25lb of trim needed) then there will be a $3.50/lb fee to make that.

When you pickup your final order at our barn, please pay balance due with a check less the deposit. Thank you.

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