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*Half Pig- Custom Cut- Order by 1/15!

*Half Pig- Custom Cut- Order by 1/15!

Approx 75 -90 lb
$0.60/lb. savings
$7.00/lb. $6.40/lb. Avg. 75 lb.
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You are on the list for the next round of pigs that go to butcher, we will send you a cut sheet and you get to select the way the pork gets cut to your family needs. Larger roasts? No problem? More sausage than not? No problem?  Thicker chops? No problem.  The butcher will follow your cutting instructions.

Fill your freezer with delicious GMO free pasture raised pork. You can expect to get a variety of cuts that may include: Roasts, Ribs, Ground, no Nitrate Bacon, Sausage, Ham/Ham steaks and a tenderloin!

Meat come frozen in a one time pickup. Cost of getting bacon from your belly is $3.50/lb extra.

You will be billed based on final weight of your meat.