Half Pig- deposit- Prepacked

Half Pig- deposit- Prepacked

Approx 75lb

Precut, amazing selection. Limited availability until these prepacked hogs are gone!

75lb of finished product.

Suggested Retail: $825  You pay just $575 (that's just 7.66/lb for EVERYTHING)

The number of roasts and chops will vary with the size of the pig... this is a list of cuts you will have in your boxes.

Shoulder Roasts 2-3# bone in

Butt Roasts 2-3# bone in

Spare Ribs- 1pkg

Center cut chops

Boneless chops

Tenderloin - 1 whole

Sirloin Roast 2-3# boneless

Ham Roast 4# - 1 bone in

Bone in Ham Steaks- several

Stew 4 pkgs

Hock- 1

Ground pork 1# pkg

Slab Belly- 1 piece

Optional: 1 slab worth of no nitrate Bacon (add 3.50/lb) Approx 7lb!

package of leaf lard

All meat is frozen and vacuum packed. This will occupy approx 4 cu ft of freezer space

Please pay with a check for your final bill (less the deposit) 

with customization by Grapevine Local Food Marketing