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Beef Half Cow Package - Custom Cut

Beef Half Cow Package - Custom Cut

Approx 175 lb
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Beth will provide you a cut sheet that the butcher follows. It can be confusing so we are happy to help walk you through it to make sure you get what your family enjoys best.

Please pay a deposit and we have you on our list for the next processing date

You decide how you want the butcher to cut your meat. Fill your freezer with delicious nutrient dense 100% grass fed beef. We provide the cut sheet and you fill it out (we can help) before we make our next trip to the butcher (July-Nov). 

When you pickup your meat, you will be charged $7/lb actual weight on the beef. Please plan on paying with a check at time of pickup. This package reflects a savings to you for buying in bulk and does not reflect a 3.25 credit card charge. Thank  you for understanding