VT Food Bank Donation - $50

VT Food Bank Donation - $50

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It is more important than ever to ensure that anyone in Vermont who needs a meal can get one.

The Foodbank is getting more food than ever out to people in need…

·    We are on track to distribute 1.6 million pounds of food in April alone. This would be 78% above normal, and the most we’ve ever distributed in a single month.

·    The price of food we’re buying is going up. For example, we used to pay $12 for a case of peanut butter, the same case now costs us $35.

·    To meet the increased need, we expect to spend at least an additional $1M above budget on food alone between now and September.

The Vermont Foodbank is the state’s largest hunger relief organization, providing nutritious food through a network more than 300 community partners – food shelves, meal sites, senior centers, after-school programs, schools and hospitals. Food insecurity has increased dramatically as a result of the pandemic and the Vermont Foodbank and its network have been on the front lines, working to ensure that everyone has the food they need to maintain their health.Not everyone has the financial stability to stock up on the two weeks of food needed for quarantine. Kids are home from school, businesses are closed, many friends and neighbors are out of work or isolated at home. 

You can help make sure that pantries are filled and that people are prepared to take good care of themselves and their loved ones.

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