Bundle - Pork Sampler (Shipping)

Bundle - Pork Sampler (Shipping)

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This bundle includes cuts from all sections of the pig and fits perfectly in our shipping box! Maximize your shipping dollars and utilize different cooking methods with this bundle. From quick pan frying for breaded cutlets, low and slow crock pot for fall off the bone shanks with flavorful braising liquid or fire up the grill for winter inspired spare ribs with a spicy glaze!

1 lb Cutlets

1 Boneless Ham Roast (avg 2.75 lbs)

1 Spare Rib (avg 2 lbs)

1 Bone-in Butt Roast (avg 3 lbs)

2 Shanks

1 Boneless Loin Chop (2 per pkg)

1 lb Montreal Sausage

1 lb Chorizo Sausage

1 Blade Steak

Approx total - 16.85 lb

Occasionally, the items listed may be affected by inventory or seasonality, in which case we reserve the right to substitute something delicious.

Pasture-raised pork cuts sampler. Ethically raised on pasture/woodland on our Vermont farm, without the use of synthetic chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or GMOs. Our pigs forage on lush pastures and forest edges. They get the drops from wild apple trees in addition to the non GMO grain.

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