Pasture-raised Chicken

Our chickens are pasture-raised on our local Vermont farm. Moved daily to fresh grass. No antibiotics, no hormones- EVER. GMO-Free grain fed. Buy online and choose pickup or delivery.

Chicken Breast Boneless/Skinless

2 per pkg- 0.8-1.4 lb

Chicken Tenders

6-8 tenders per pkg

Chicken Legs

2 per pkg

Chicken Wings

8 wings per pkg

Chicken Wings Big Bag

5 lb - Party size

Chicken Ground

Dark & Light meat- very versatile

Chicken Half

Avg 2.25 lb each

Chicken Whole - Jumbo Size

Average 5.5-8 lbs

Chicken Backs, Small Bag

Avg 6 lb perfect for home use

Chicken Backs, stock pot size!

Stay Healthy! Make a pot of broth!

Chicken Livers

1 lb portion

Chicken Feet

2-3 lb package
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