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Beef Ground

1lb / pkg

Chicken Breast Boneless/Skinless

2 per pkg- 0.8-1.4 lb

Chicken Legs

2 per pkg

Pork Chops, Bone in

2 per pk - 1 to 1.5lb Avg/pkg

Pork Tenderloin

Whole- 1. 25 avg each - great for medallions

Pork Sausage - Maple Ginger

House made with local ginger!

Sisters of Anarchy JuiceWorks

Elderberry/ Aroniaberry 16oz

Summer Sausage Case (12 count)

No Nitrate Beef and Pork- all our own meat!

Whole Pig Deposit- Prepacked

Special pricing! 145 lb

Chicken Livers

1 lb portion

Beef Ribeye/ Delmonico (boneless)

1 per pkg - avg 0.8 lb

Pet Food 1# tube

Ground chicken backs/bones

All Souls - Heirloom Org Tortillas

Corn- pkg of 10. Frozen

Pork Sausage - Northern Thai (Ground)

House made with local ginger!

Turkey, Ground

Time for Turkey Burgers!
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