010ba3b0397abecd88008ddcfd33af94ca4ffada40USDA POULTRY PROCESSING SERVICES

Maple Wind Farm operates a state of the art USDA Poultry Processing Facility at their location in Richmond, VT. We worked with David Schafer of Featherman Equipment in Jamestown, MO to design a pilot version of an inspected processing facility built within an 8×40’ shipping container.

We offer air chilled poultry! You can expect a higher quality product with less retained water and a more flavorful product.

Processing Services for Other Farmers

In addition to processing our own poultry, we offer USDA inspected processing services for other farmers. From June to November we process whole chickens (no parts) for other customers. We process turkeys at the end of October/ early Nov. We only process meat breed chickens (no Cornish game hens) and turkeys - no stew hens, or waterfowl!


At its facility, Maple Wind Farm schedules inspected processing for a minimum of 200 chickens or 75 turkeys per day, from June though November.

  • For farmers with this number of birds, we will schedule a separate processing day.
  • For farmers with fewer than 200 chickens or 75 turkeys, we will work with you to combine your birds with those from other farms (including our own) to reach the required minimum.
  • There is a minimum daily processing charge of $150 - applies when fewer than 25 birds.
  • We have limited availability for processing birds from other farms. We strongly suggest that you schedule a date with us before ordering your chicks!


Farmers utilizing Maple Wind Farm’s processing services must:

  • Drop off their birds at the Barn in Richmond by 7:30 AM on their scheduled day of processing in clean poultry crates.
  • Address: 1148 E Main Street (rte2) in Richmond
  • Birds must have empty crops (take out feed 24 hrs before scheduled appt.).
  • Birds must be in poultry crates (available for daily rental from MWF).
  • MWF will do all processing and packaging (vacuum-sealed).
  • PICKUP: Product is next day after processing because of the extra time necessary for airchilling product.


MWF will provide a generic “processed by Maple Wind Farm” label for processed birds. Please contact us if you are interested in having your own label made or making any claims (certified organic, pasture-raised, etc.) This requires prior approval from the USDA which can take some time. them approved by the USDA. We can assist with this process.

Processing Fees

Fees cover all processing, chilling, packaging and labeling. Note: costs are subject to change.

Chickens: $6/chicken for fewer than 50 chickens (daily) and $5.50/chicken for 50 or more chickens. $1/bird extra for colored  meat birds and 1$ for each bird over 7 pounds.
Turkeys: $12.50 per turkey with a $2.50 per bird charge for turkeys over 20 pounds. $1/pound.
Boxes: $2 per box for each box used in packaging (holds 6-10 chickens).
Minimum Daily Processing Charge: $150 for less than 25 birds
Fees cover all processing, chilling, packaging and labeling. Note: costs are subject to change.

More Information & to Schedule Processing

For more information about the farm and/or to schedule poultry processing contact Beth Whiting at beth@maplewindfarm.com.