Our Farm's Mission

To promote the health and welfare of our community by providing the highest quality pasture-raised products through sustainable farming that regenerates soil and water resources.

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Meet Bruce & Beth

We’re Bruce Hennessey and Beth Whiting, and together, we founded Maple Wind Farm in 1999. We both have a love for outdoor adventure, and after our first date—a trek in the mountains of Nepal—the rest is history. Prior to becoming farmers, Bruce was a mountain and ski guide and Beth was a graphic artist. We both worked as educators before finding our true calling in regenerative farming. We put our heart and soul into offering our community clean, delicious foods raised with kindness, respect and generosity that nourish your family.

Farming is an Adventure

In 1999, a fallow farm on a wind blown hilltop in Huntington, Vermont became ours. Two majestic Silver Maples stood at the crest of our hill, which inspired our name—Maple Wind Farm. We used this time as a learning canvas to transform ourselves into the farmers we are today—we learned our terrain was too steep and rocky to till, but the land was blessed with sweet grass perfect to raise grazing livestock. And so we did. 

We’ve found farming to be full of adventure with unexpected challenges around every corner. The unflagging support of our community has inspired us to respond to each setback with renewed dedication, optimism and grace.

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Doing the Right Thing 

It became our life’s work to raise nutrient-dense foods that are good for our community. When it came time to grow, we purchased the Andrews Farm in Richmond, VT to take advantage of the bottomland soils and make it easier for our community to find us. Next, we added our own USDA poultry processing facility, which features an innovative air-chilling system - the only one in the state. Air-chilling, as opposed to ice water chilling, makes for a safer, tastier and more tender product. We know you will taste the difference.

Resilience and Community

We then learned the true meaning of kindness and generosity when disaster struck our farm. In 2014, our iconic Andrews barn suddenly burned to the ground, along with much of our farm equipment. We contemplated giving up farming at that point, until a spectacular outpouring of support from our friends, community, fellow farmers, and institutional partners inspired us to forge on. Thanks to our community, we were able to rebuild and expand our farm. We are forever grateful for this support that continues to motivate us to give back to you and your family.

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