At Maple Wind Farm, we are blessed with 85 acres of open pasture and over 45 acres of woodland that we have been managing for current use, as well as a hillside sugarbush. Currently we have over 400 taps with plans for expansion. In 2011, we installed a vacuum system instead of increasing the number of taps which made a big difference in yields for an operation of our size.

Producing Syrup since 2005

We have been producing maple syrup since 2005 in a sugar shack built with lumber from our forest. Our north facing slopes allow us to get a bit later start in the spring to begin boiling for the season.

Available at Farmers’ Markets & at the Farm

Because of our size, we currently sell primarily through farmers’ markets, with plans for expansion. Our syrup, along with frozen meats, are available at the farm by appointment.

A Vermont Tradition

Making maple syrup is an amazing part of the rural heritage in Vermont that we want to pass on to our children. It’s a complex set of rituals getting sap from a tree all the way to the sweet goodness of syrup. Done at a time of the year when the snow is receding and the sun is shining, there is nothing better than a good long boil with gallons of syrup at the end of it to show for your hard work!

On Farm Market!
Saturdays 1-4pm

Come to our barn in Richmond once a month before summer starts

  • Jan 20
  • Feb 17
  • Mar 17
  • April 14
  • May 5

Find extra special pricing on meats, items available no where else and free samples!

A new visiting local vendor each month!

Location: 1148 E Main St (rte 2) Bring your bags. Check/Cash/CC accepted


30-Second Video About the Farm

As an underwriter for Mt Mansfield Community TV's 20th Anniversary, MMCTV recently produced a 30-video about Maple Wind Farm. View it here!