POULTRY PROCESSOR (5 positions) M-F 8-5 pm POULTRY/VEG/ LIVESTOCK CREW (3 positions)   Click on the job titles above to download a pdf of the job description. Maple Wind Farm looks for adventurous individuals to take on the rhythms of life on a farm. We require that candidates fill out an application and submit it with a resume prior to making an appointment for an interview on the farm. Applications for the upcoming season are welcome starting Dec. 1. Most positions are 40-50 hours a week paid hourly and are from April/May through November.

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3. What is your relationship with physical labor (are you in shape, have you done
manual labor before, etc.).

4. Please state the name, relationship, phone number and email address of
three people who can serve as a reference for you.

5. Farming and/or gardening goals

6. Tractors used, implements used, and familiarity with tractor tasks, if applicable

7. List of vehicles you have driven, can you drive standard, license status, if relevant to position

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A resume that includes relevant past work experience, detailing duties and responsibilities; and applicable past leadership responsibilities.


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On Farm Market!
Saturdays 1-4pm

Come to our barn in Richmond once a month before summer starts

  • Jan 20
  • Feb 17
  • Mar 17
  • April 14
  • May 5

Find extra special pricing on meats, items available no where else and free samples!

A new visiting local vendor each month!

Location: 1148 E Main St (rte 2) Bring your bags. Check/Cash/CC accepted


30-Second Video About the Farm

As an underwriter for Mt Mansfield Community TV's 20th Anniversary, MMCTV recently produced a 30-video about Maple Wind Farm. View it here!