Our Layer Hens Produce Year Around

Our layer hens are the only poultry that we keep year round and are made up of hearty brown egg producers called Golden Comets. During the grazing season, they reside in two “Egg Arks”, hen houses on wheels complete with egg nests accessible from the outside. During the colder months they roam freely in a large barn complete with free-choice feed and water, egg nests, and perches on which to roost during the night.

Farm Sanitizers

Our layer hens are the “sanitizers” of the farm. We use them to follow our cows and pigs on pasture. As they scratch and poke through manure, they eat many of the emerging larvae that would otherwise become flies and parasites. In addition to their pasture feeding, they receive the same high quality supplemental feed we use for our broilers.

Eggs with Beta Carotene Rich Yolks

Our eggs are dramatically different from conventional confinement eggs. Produced on forage, the egg yolks hold a deep orange color—a testament to high concentrations of beta-carotene—that provide a rich and flavorful eating experience.

Where to find Maple Wind Farm Eggs

Eggs can be purchased at the farm in Huntington (by appointment), at the Burlington and Richmond summer and Burlington winter farmers’ markets. We also supply eggs to Richmond Market and Beverage,  and Krin's Bakery in Huntington. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing our eggs wholesale.