Upcoming price increase- Price freeze until Feb 1

January 10, 2022

We want to thank you for being one of the customers that have supported our farm by purchasing our high quality pasture-raised meats and eggs!

We wish to give you an advance courtesy notice of a price increase on February 1st, 2022. Until then, we encourage you to stock up on our products before prices become higher. 

So what is causing this new price increase?

In May of 2021 we wrote about how covid challenges and increased costs of doing business were impacting our farm, and some moderate price increases we made to reflect those changes.  As we moved into the growing season, we incurred much higher than expected cost increases in almost all aspects of our farm operation.

To name a few examples of supply chain challenges 

  • Egg cartons have gone up 16% and other cardboard/packing materials 12%. 
  • Packaging costs have increased by 18%.
  • Feed prices increased an additional 10% on top of the 8% increase we saw as we entered the season.  

But the largest increase by far has been in labor costs. To entice and hold on to high quality staff we needed to increase our wages by more than 25%!  In our view, this is a good change for workers and our society, and we’re happy to pay higher wages as long as our prices and sales reflect those changes. 

The silver lining

With a high quality staff, we are able to increase the  value to you through new and exciting pork and chicken offerings (have you tried our new bratwurst sausage or porchetta?) along with designing new money saving bundles. Another way to support the farm is to buy into our Farm Bucks program. Again, we’d encourage you to stock up your freezers before these changes go into effect on Feb 1st, 2022!

As always, we welcome any questions you have please send us an email.

We look forward to continuing to be your trusted source for grass fed and pasture raised meats and eggs raised with care and the ethical standards you value.

We value your commitment to support local farms like Maple Wind.

With appreciation,

Beth and Bruce and the whole crew

Beth Whiting

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