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Maple Wind Farm is dedicated to sustainability in all its forms. Here are just a few ways we make an effort to preserve and protect our environment.

Solar Power

Maple Wind Farm has two 6 kW Solar Trackers that combined average 750 kW per month. Tied into the grid, we utilize what we need and export any excess.

Intensive Rotational Grazing

We use intensive rotational grazing, making sure not to graze any piece of land until the grass has recovered fully. This method builds soils, reduces erosion and increases the diversity of our pasture, as well as transition zones where meadows and forests meet.

Pasture-Based Farming

Pasture-based farming reduces our use of fossil fuels. Most of Maple Wind Farm’s feed is eaten live and in place by the animals, and most of their manure is evenly distributed as part of the rotation process. The energy comes from the animals doing what they naturally do.

Pig Power

Animals also provide energy for other farm activities, and pigs do a large part of that work. We use pigs as sodbusters to recondition pasture.

Manure Management

At Maple Wind Farm, we capture all of our manure during the winter months when soils cannot absorb it. By doing so, we reduce our potential for polluting our Huntington watershed. In the spring we compost it (with pigs as our turners), and spread it on our pastures as fertilizer.



On Farm Market!
Saturdays 1-4pm

Come to our barn in Richmond once a month before summer starts

  • Jan 20
  • Feb 17
  • Mar 17
  • April 14
  • May 5

Find extra special pricing on meats, items available no where else and free samples!

A new visiting local vendor each month!

Location: 1148 E Main St (rte 2) Bring your bags. Check/Cash/CC accepted


30-Second Video About the Farm

As an underwriter for Mt Mansfield Community TV's 20th Anniversary, MMCTV recently produced a 30-video about Maple Wind Farm. View it here!