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We take your food personally

Our Farm's Mission

To promote the health and welfare of our community by providing the highest quality pasture raised products through regenerating soil and water resources.

Our promise to you


Our animals are ethically raised on pasture, without the use of chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or GMOs.


No fancy labels and confusing terminology. We believe in the saying, "Know your farmer, know your food".


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We are Bruce Hennessey and Beth Whiting, we began farming in 1999. Former educators, outdoor education teachers, mountaineer and graphic artist turned farmers!

We put our heart and soul into doing the right thing by offering our community clean tasty foods raised with kindness, respect and generosity. Our pasture raised chickens are moved every day to fresh grass. That takes hard work to do but we believe it is important. Our chickens are nourished and calm in a safe environment. You will taste the difference in our tender juicy pasture raised chickens. And all you have to do is look at the orange yolks of our eggs to know they are more nourishing. We think of this as a little kindness paid forward in the food we offer. Our cows are 100% grass fed and rotated daily to fresh grass and water in a way that helps the soil regenerate essential nutrients. What is good for the cow is good for the earth too. Our beef is clean healthy grass fed protein and fat so you can feel good feeding it to your family. We allow our pigs and turkeys room to root and peck with access to fresh air and grass. This rounds out our generous offering of clean foods. Foods that will delight your senses, enrich your meals and do good in the world.

Our History.

We connected over a love of the outdoors... in essence our first date was going on a trek in the mountains of Nepal.  We then channeled our quest for adventure into starting a company called “On the Loose Expeditions.” But the universe had other plans for us …

Farming is an Adventure

A fallow farm on a wind blown hilltop in Huntington Vermont became ours in 1999. Two majestic Silver Maples stood at the crest of our hill that inspired us to call our farm Maple Wind. This became our learning canvas to transform ourselves into farmers. We learned that the terrain was too steep and rocky to till, but the land was blessed with sweet grass perfect to raise grazing livestock. And so we did. We have found farming to be full of adventure, always demanding with unexpected challenges around every corner. It’s a test of your mettle to respond to these setbacks with renewed dedication, optimism and grace.

Doing the Right Thing

It became our life’s work to raise nutrient dense foods that are good for our community.  We rented and then bought the Andrews Farm in Richmond, Vermont to expand our operation and better serve our following of like minded people.  A natural next step was to add our own poultry processing facility, which remains the only “air-chilled” USDA poultry processing facility in the state  This ensures our meats are processed safely and ethically from us directly to your family meals.

Resilience and Community

We then learned the true meaning of kindness and generosity when disaster struck our farm.  Our iconic Andrews barn suddenly burned to the ground, along with much of our farm equipment in 2014.  We contemplated giving up farming at that point. Yet a spectacular outpouring of support from our friends, community, fellow farmers, and institutional partners inspired us to continue.  This allowed us to not only rebuild but expand our farm operation. We are forever grateful for this support that drives us to give back to you and your family.

Our commitment to you

...The World we All Want to Live In.

We believe that grasslands, forests, and the soil that supports them are vital to maintaining the health of our planet.   By building and regenerating these vital resources we create the fertile topsoil that all of us depend on for a healthy future.  By serving and protecting this fragile habitat we have the opportunity and privilege to produce nutrient dense food for our community.

We Take your Food Personally

We are all responsible for our own health and finding the vital foods that lie at the center of our own healthy choices.  We encourage you and your family to know where your food comes from and how it is grown, and develop a relationship with the farmers that grow your food.  We promise to do our part to get to know you and offer you the clean healthy food that your family deserves.

Our Promise

We believe in being transparent about everything we do.  You will never see us cut corners or claim to be anything but farmers who raise their animals with kindness and respect for their needs.  When good energy goes into your food, we believe you can taste the difference.